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You can see all our eBay products on-site, here.


See all our collectible eBay items, on-site.

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See all our books & mags. eBay items, on-site.


On-Site eBay Clothing

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See all our men’s clothing eBay items, on-site.

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See all our woman’s clothing eBay items, on-site.

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See all our tie dye clothing eBay items, on-site.


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See all our cd eBay items, on-site.

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See all our movies & tv eBay items, on-site.

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See all our men’s clothing eBay items, on-site.


Who's Goparel?

Goparel is a brand/company/husband/wife/team-backed/community-driven/online-livin’/powerhouse that does a lot to help people all over the world.

Quick Services Run Down 

  1. Top-Rated eBay Sellers
  2. Tie Dye T-Shirt Creators
  3. WordPress Optimization
  4. Website Hosting & Services
  5. Print On Demand Fulfillment
  6. Article & Brand Awareness Fulfillment
  7. NFT Creators & Marketplace Fulfillment

This is just a basic rundown of services we can handle. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about any custom services you may require. Below is helpful information about getting started with our website.



Getting Started

Get started learning the basics of our website.

Join Goparel
Get started by creating a free account if you haven’t already.

You can do that here -> goparel membership

Learn Your Dashboard

Here you can see how to navigate your dashboard.


1. Dashboard

Your dashboard button will navigate you to the image you see above. You can edit your account details, billing address, payment methods, and wishlist.

2. Orders

Your orders button will navigate you to all the orders you’ve ever placed. That goes for canceled also.


Your downloads button will navigate you to all your downloads. If you have purchased any digital downloads like icon packs or graphics, this is where they will show up.

4. Money Spent

Your money spent button will navigate you to all your money spent on our website. An easy way to keep track of your spending.

5. Your Reviews

Your reviews button will navigate you to just that, all your left reviews on our website. This does not include our other marketplaces like eBay.

6. Edit Account

Your edit account button will navigate you to edit your account details for your account on our website.

7. Edit Billing Address

Your edit billing address button will navigate you to edit your billing address for your account.

8. Payment Methods

Your payment methods button will navigate you to edit your payment methods used for making purchases on our website.

9. FAQ

Your faq button will navigate you to our frequently asked questions where you can find answers to common wonders or curiosity.

10. Get Support

Your get support button will navigate you to our get support area. It’s your direct gateway to us and how we can communicate with one another with ease and no data loss between parties.

You can learn more about our support in the next section below. ↓


Learn How To Receive Support

We have an advanced but simple-to-use ticket system.


1. Main View

As mentioned above in the dashboard toggle, you can visit the support section in your dashboard. When you click on the button you will see something like the photo below.

2. Ticket View

You can view all your tickets by clicking the “your tickets” toggle. It will open up and all your tickets will be visible like shown in the next photo.

You can click on the open ticket inside the toggle and it will open a new page to submit a ticket. You can also stay on the page by clicking the toggle “submit ticket” below. The privacy button has a few options like delete information and more.

note: the export ticket option is currently unavailable.

3. Submit Ticket

Next, when you click on Submit Ticket you’ll see something similar to the image below.

Our image is a little different because we’re operating on an admin account and not a member account. But this is where you can submit a ticket.

4. Alternative Method

Alternatively, you can open a full page if it’s more convenient for you on both options as pictured below.

We hope this was helpful information and if you feel we’re missing anything please submit a ticket and let us know.

See what we did there!? 🙂

Continue to the next section and learn our website navigation. ↓


Learn Our Website Navigation

Now on to the Website Navigation.


Section One

The image shown in the square section is Bite. He’s one of our characters. You can click him at any time to return to the homepage. Alternatively, you click the words Goparel next to him to do the same thing.

This menu has 3 sections.

  • For Free
  • Fore Hire
  • Fore Sale

When you highlight your mouse over a word it will expand that menu section as shown in the picture above. Words without arrows next to them are not expandable.

All links are clickable in the menu.

Now if you travel to your right —>

Highlight your mouse over the arrow icon above and Login will appear.

Next, you will see our advanced search box for our website.

Followed by your Wishlist which is products you can save for later purchase.

Your cart comes next.

This is where all your products go while you shop.

You can checkout quickly by navigating there.

Now after you click the menu icon with the arrow above, you will see a new menu appear.

Note: mobile users do not see this menu button.

This menu is full of our on-site eBay products. Our on-site eBay pages have all our products without leaving our website.

Last we have our bottom of the website or footer section.

This section has a lot going on. The first available links are located under popular, digital, markets, and support.

Most links stay on site but some travel off to marketplaces we offer products on.

The bottom section with more links is all off-site stuff. Things like tracking your packages to buying bitcoin safely and securely. We have a lot of useful links and even some boring stuff like our legal documents. Lastly, you can subscribe to our newsletter for our best deals and content.

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