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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween or should we say Hello-ween or hell-o-ween?

Welcome to the article!

We appreciate you taking time out of your day to see what we and others have going on this Halloween holiday season!

This is/was an impromptu choice to write up an article and try and feature some cool things we’ve noticed this month on the Wax Blockchain.

A lot of hyperlinks so be sure to allow pop-ups from our website to visit the external links and or outbound destinations.

Please feel free to comment on your project and or thoughts, discussion, and more by leaving a comment.

We have seen a lot of cool things this month (October 2022) in the Wax Blockchain ecosystem.

Halloween is always a fun time of year when artists, devs, & more get together to do fun spooky stuff!

We’ve seen things like the KryptoKumas Tokuma Village getting raided by Zombie Apocalypse Kuma’s. They were burned up but some are still lurking in the Wax Blockchain so beware!


Nick from WaxWorks.io has made some scary AI artwork and created stunning books and or comics that turned out wonderful! The detail and storylines are simply amazing.

I’ve personally read some A.I. Augmented comics and encourage you all to do so. We actually covered a spotlight on Nick Tantillo and you can read that here,  “The Man Behind Wax Works“.


Shnazzy has lit up the month with beautiful artwork of her OCT-UwU-BER DAY prompts!

Everyone is very detailed and creative like no other. Each day she draws up something fresh and releases it to the masses in fashion!

The one below is currently in an active auction, we’ve managed to place the first bid but doubt we’ll get it lol.

She also has as a popular line called Shnazzy E-Girls so check the link tree here, Shnazzy E-Girls Link Tree.

Here is the active auction link here, Weir-dough.

Dborjs Pen Arts has a Halloween 20-mint drop today called Infinity Chair. It is a collaboration with Muenstervision!

Be sure to check that one out as collabs are always fun!

Here is a link to the drop, Infinity Chair.

NyteWolf the promo champion has been giving away NFT after NFT all month long of October.

If you’re on Twitter we highly suggest you follow this supreme force of nature for great friendship and chances at waxp giveaways like the one pictured below!

Enter the contest here, NyteWolf Giveaway.

Morbs has been up to a whole lot this month. He is setting up his own store and no not like the ones here on our website for example but an actual physical store!

Us being big eBayers we highly respect and think it’s super dope!

We also have noticed some really cool NFTs being made that can be staked on WaxDao.io

MindMaster Art is always up to some cool things and ideas. He also utilizes WaxDao.io on some of his NFTs.

We currently have a “Cup of Joe” NFT staked on there! Love the tech and what Mike D from WaxDao has done!

He has a current drop here called, We’re All Monsters – Halloween Edition: Waxenstein’s Monster

Pixtalgia is a super busy team and always working hard. We hang around their Pixtalgia Telegram Group and it’s fun to see all the productivity and friends! 

Great bunch of people in there!

You should join their group (click the telegram group link above) and join ours here, Goparel Telegram Group.

Current Halloween drop: Wax-o-ween2 Floppy Disk

SenorLupe is the number one Amigo that we all love. If you haven’t seen the operation the Chummy Master has been up to then please check out his latest Halloween Stickers!

I see a Halloween collaboration! Yes, we love the collaborations! We actually did one with SenorLupe, Goparel & SenorLupe 1 of 1 Collab!

Very Cool. Check out his recent collab with BreadlyToast below.

Santino Ramos comes to mind when thinking of SenorLupe with his all new decked out Halloween King Chummy collection. 

Drop Link: King Chummy Halloween Collection 


I wanted to keep going but it’s technically Halloween and we have a Halloween NFT to set up and mint so I guess we should cut this short.

So many artists we did not cover.

We covered like 0.0000001% so please do check out the Wax Blockchain and see what they have to offer.

Also, check our GOPAREL NFT DROPS page for the latest contests and Halloween NFTs.

We do hope you’ve enjoyed this short but informative Halloween 2022 article on wax related material.

We create spotlight articles on Wax projects and friends so if you’d like a feature simply reach out.

Again please check out the Wax blockchain for more information on how to get started.

Helpful Marketplace Links:

Your Friends,𝔾𝕆ℙ𝔸ℝ𝔼𝕃 & Gσραяєℓ тιє∂ує from Goparel


This is the official goparel WordPress account. Visit www.Goparel.com Thanks for reading!


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