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Welcome to Goparel 

We have that!

You can see about us below and scroll around for sparks of interest.  You can always find your way back here by clicking our name in the navigation.

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About Us

Founded in 2020 when the whole world shut down. Instead of shutting down with it, we created Goparel! We offer many products and services. We practice thinking outside the box regularly. We never limit ourselves and neither should you!

We’re Passionate About Creating stunning Projects for people

We work hard on all types of projects. From websites like this one to nfts and clothing, we strive to do a great job! We love to create stunning projects that keep on giving time and time again.  See all our services by clicking the button below.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Goparel is simple but meaningful. We promise to always use best practices with all our services and products. We’ll always go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied and well informed on all of our products and services. We’re always a click away!

Our Vision

Our vision here at Goparel is infinite. We do things differently than most. We’re never going to limit our capabilities. So the only vision we know is scaling aka growing. We will continue to grow our business and provide great products and services. Come scale with us!

We Have That!

The next section has information about our 3 main navigation groups or what we like to call we have that.


for free

We think it’s important to offer an extensive line of freebies. It seems everyone is always trying to snag coins for everything they do. We don’t practice that type of mentality here. We enjoy giving out free tools and gifts to help others succeed in their efforts. We’re all trying to make it, together!

Have a look at some of our freebies. One thing we like to give away for free is helpful tutorials. You can visit the worthy reads section and learn about things like building a website & tie-dying clothing. We will continue to add more and more helpful articles free for all.

That is not even close to all though. We’re still growing and adding new free stuff like hidden NFTs located all over this website. We give away free graphics, WordPress tools, nfts and much more.

For Hire

We offer many services for hire. We do have a price. They say everyone does lol. We can even do things not listed on our website. From freelance work, graphic design, NFT assistance, to printing and dying t-shirts right from our local facility. What kind of needs are you looking for?

Have a look at our services like wordpress hosting. In order to have or own a website, you’ll need things like hosting. We’re like a landlord for websites. The website pays us a fee to live on the internet. We can also create websites from start to finish if you’re wanting the whole 9 yards.

That is no way it though, oh no! We also enjoy creating and distributing tie-dye of all colors shapes and sizes. Men, women, and children can all take advantage of the beautiful colors we offer or have some print on demand items created!


For Sale

We have a huge collection of items and growing. We actually have the majority of our products listed via our Goparel eBay store. We have over 5000 products for sale there. We handpick gems and special items to be listed here on our website. From digital items to physical items!

Have a see for yourself via our on-site eBay store (full eBay store on this website) or check out our shop to see special items and handpicked gems. We have many items ready for shipment via our shop located here on our website. Global shipping is provided on most items. Get started by checking out our extensive line of women’s and men’s clothing. We also carry kids and baby clothing as well. As stated above, we got something for everyone!

That is not all but you may have guessed that already. Check out our NFT Gallery and see a whole new way to appreciate art, digital art aka blockchain art or NFTs.

We can help you accomplish more

Custom Everything

We love to play around in the design studio and come up with graphics, layouts, & more. We have helped others and can help you come up with some cool designs to go on all types of products like t-shirts, websites, and everything in between.

Website Solutions

15+ years we’ve been deep in the website field. From hosting, management, and design, we have helped a lot of users. We have minor and major solutions for whatever your needs. We’ll help you get set up and on the way to accomplishing more!

Print On Demand

We create and make various products in-house at our fortress. We print out the design and then press it to the item. We then pack and ship out the item. We also work with teams of print professionals around the globe for international support.

Tie Dye

We love creating tie-dye clothing. We dye new clothing and also vintage and other items. We can even take your clothing and dye it. We’re ready to tie-dye for your next event. Whether you have a small or big order needed, we can help!

Become Member

The registration process is quick and painless, oh and also free! When you join Goparel you get free access to all sorts of goodies. Members are randomly selected for free NFTs, coupons, and more.


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Goparel’s Reviews 

We can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words and positive reviews.

Tie Dye T-Shirt

Great bargain. Neatly packaged. Positive transaction. Superior service. Outstanding communication. Honest seller

 Customer – gvi9356

VTG Made In Italy Pink Rose

A++++ Seller this Vintage made in Italy Nuova Capodimonte Fine Porcelain Pink Rose is going to make a perfect gift for my daughter who loves pink and her middle name is “Rose” I can’t wait to give it to her. FAST FAST FAST shipping and very careful protective packaging that the rose arrived safe and sound. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Customer mikecoder3

Graphic Print M&Ms T-Shirt

5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ eBay Seller. Great Customer Service. Great Used Blue Peanut M&M’s Character Shirt. Item is exactly as described. Fast & Shipping! The items were packed very securely. If the opportunity presents I will be a repeat customer.

Customer – shiishii1111


Andy Hardy New DVD

Item arrived exactly as described and in MINT condition! It was packed perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. It was a pleasure to do business with this seller! Thank you! Highly recommended!


Daniel O'Donnell CD




1977 Arizona Highways Mag

I remembered this issue from my childhood and had to have it. was listed as acceptable condition, but in my opinion, I would rate it as good. Happy with my purchase.


Thanks for being here.