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Tie Dye T-Shirt, Size Small, Adult 2021 Hand Dyed Shirt, Tee


1 in stock

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Our tie-dye

is done right here in our facility. Our process is simple and yet very effective. We use the best in fiber-reactive procion dyes.
We allow each product to sit for the maximum length of time to make sure it soaks up all the dye so it's nice and vibrant! The shirts we create look amazing!


We don't use any latex,

but we do use an organic after-wash before the final step of drying, the organic wash locks the dye so it will stay looking new wash after wash.
Since we dye using procion dyes, it allows us to be creative and control the dye to make it vibrant, pastel, and or faded. We can also mix specific and unique colors in-house as well.


We specialize in traditional tie-dye methods and designs like spiral, and shibori.


NOTE: We have more tie dye for sale on are eBay store. If you'd like to see them without traveling to eBay, you can see our Goparel ON-SITE eBay Store and search Tie Dye.

Thanks for your interest in our Tie-Dye!


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