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vIRL Physical Business Cards With Matching NFTs (10 Pack)


SKU: b30e48aa-6d4b-413c-b691-8378a1309977 Category: Tags: , , , , , , , ,



Have you wanted your own business cards but feel they're outdated? You might pass out just a few or forget them. Maybe you actually use them a lot, I don't know. But it's always a good idea to carry some on your person, right? Well, now we have created a fun way to do so while mixing it up with the Wax Blockchain.


If you forget your card or depending on who you're talking with, we got you covered!


How do we style?


We offer custom business cards made out of nice silk paper with front and back colors. You send us the replacement text and we'll have your physical mailed out and digital (NFTs) sent out to your Wax Wallet.


You will receive the same amount for your order, digitally. So, if you order 100 physical business cards, we'll also mint you 100 business cards.


The price above refers to the minimum order quantity we offer at this time.


This is just another fun way we're trying to show the world how we can make NFTs fun and useful in many ways without getting too technical with it.

We can use this NFT as the main or if you have something in mind, we can also customize it. Simply reach out.  We'll do our best to work with you and get you setup!

After purchase, please promptly open a support ticket with the included information you'd like on your business card so we can create it.


Also, provide your wax wallet so we know where to send the NFTs.


We hope you enjoy this unique way to bring real-life business cards to the blockchain in style.


Have a custom business card idea and or idea about a custom vIRL in general?

Reach out to us!





Additional information

Weight 0.001581130985 kg

BX (2″x3.5″) – Horizontal


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