Our Roadmap

Going Forward

We’re restructuring our website and operations. We still offer the same services, products, & everything else. Nothing has changed. We’re just going to do things bigger and better. Some functions may no longer work or load slowly on this website going forward while we add and remove things. See our full roadmap for The Goparel Network below.

Our full website can still be located here: https://goparel.com/home


Over the Years

Jan 2020

Founded in 2020 when the whole world shut down. Instead of shutting down with it, we created Goparel! We’ve offered many services locally and online for 15+ years. 

Mar 2020
Apparel Site Created

We created our first apparel website using the goparel.com domain name. We offered our custom apparel and custom tie-dye clothing. That was all offered at that time.

May 2022
Mega Website Created

We decided it was time to offer all our products and services from clothing to website hosting, NFTs, and more. The mega website is currently (ACTIVE) but is no longer being updated at this time other than certain pages and account management. You’re currently on the website now. See the rest of it here:

LINK: https://goparel.com/home

Dec 2022
The Goparel Network

The Goparel Network was created and now the real roadmap begins. The rest of this timeline will show our plans and progress for 2023. Thank you for your support! From your friends Derek & Carly.


Goparel in 2023

Jan 2023
Goparel Hosting

We’ve offered website hosting services for over 15 years. We’ve taken our other website hosting businesses and mixed them with Goparel to be one big network.

This website is ACTIVE and opened for service here:

LINK: https://goparel.host

March 2023

Goparel + Wax Community

This website is a simple but pretty cool way for waxp blockchain collection artists to offer merch or vIRLs with their NFTs.

This website is ACTIVE. If you’re a WAXP creator or fan have a look at the website.

LINK: https://waxp.art

Apr 2023

Goparel & WordPress

We have a big one coming for this one. This website will offer many premium WordPress services at great pricing. Full management WordPress services providing dedicated support, plugins, & hosting. We have a full team of professionals on our side.

This website is ACTIVE and if you’re interested have a look.

LINK: https://goparel.pro

May 2023

Goparel Blogging

We love blogging. We do all sorts from spotlights on online projects to simple entertainment going on in the world. This website will consist of a mega-style blog with many categories and subject material. *Currently in testing stages but open*.

This website is ACTIVE and open to the public.

LINK: https://goparel.online

June 2023

Goparel NFTs

This website will consist of all our current and past NFT projects. It will have all the current information about what we’re involved in and how to participate. We’re huge fans of NFTs and will be creating more this coming year!

This website is ACTIVE and open to the public.

LINK: https://waxwolves.com

JULY 2023

Goparel Shopping

We offer a huge line of clothing and accessories with global and green shipping. With a wide range of products and always adding more you’re sure to find something you’ll like. We print in our facility for local orders and utilize a full team of print professionals and vendors globally to help us with fulfillment.

This website is ACTIVE and open to the public.

LINK: https://goparel.shop

Aug 2023

Goparel Space

We try and stay up to date with the latest in events and things like podcasts, chatrooms, games, metaverse’s, & more! This website will be a way to know our schedule and stay up to date with what we have going on. Links to our official chatroom and online world (web browser based metaverse) plus time and dates of past and upcoming fun!

This website is ACTIVE and open to the public.

LINK: https://goparel.space

Sep 2023

Goparel POD

We Print on Demand for all types of events and organizations. We print right out of our facility for local orders and use the best print professionals across the globe to utilize a network of green shipping highways reducing carbon emissions worldwide.  We also specialize in Tie-Dye clothing all created right here in our facility. Find out more info about this website below.

This website is ACTIVE and open to the public.

LINK: https://goparel.xyz

Oct 2023

Goparel Network Upgrade

We plan to have a full Goparel Network Upgrade. All new websites will be live. This will be like a spring cleaning and the restructure should be complete. This website will be the new hub to connect all our services, products, and more. This is something we’ll be working on throughout the year prior to this time. We should be ready by October for a new transformation to complement our Goparel Network. Obviously, this is all subject to change but it’s the plan and I think we can do it!

LINK: https://goparel.com

Honorable Mentions

Also In The Background

We’re currently working in the background and will continue to work in the background adding material to all the above projects. We will continue to add articles, products, and more on our network platforms. Currently, we’re adding to our knowledge base inside our Goparel.Host website. We have a huge passion for NFTs so also know we’re working in the background continuing to make collectibles and more during this whole process. If you’re interested in any of our services please reach out. We’re ready to help!

To see our full site click here -> https://goparel.com/home