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Very Stills

The Very Stills Collection Series 1 Debut

Hey, thanks for coming.

This article is going to dive into our “Very Stills” collection series 1. 

So what are the Very Stills? If you’re new here you might not know but we Tie-Dye new and old clothing, sometimes other things as well.

We sell all sorts of physical Tie Dyed stuff via places like eBay.

We like to transform our physical items into digital artwork. So in this case, we’ve taken 1 physical shirt and transformed it into 10 different 1-of-1 unique NFTs. 

We then place them all in auctions.

This is a new approach and experimental process we’re trying and will plan accordingly for future series if the waxfam community continues to bid on them.

We have up to 5 series ready for deployment but we of course want to see the community reaction.

Holders of these NFTs will receive freebies down the line. Airdrops of sorts, possibly this and possibly that lol. Just depends on how far we can take this whole blockchain thing.

We have ideas but so does everyone else. It’s still the wild wild west days and new platforms join wax all the time so who really knows where we go from here!

Up, up, and away!

We’re still early in this so let’s take it one auction at a time!

Us being Top-Rated eBay Sellers really wanted to push the auction part of the Wax Blockchain. We love them and all the platforms that provide a place for them via the Wax Blockchain.

But at the same time, we’re open to suggestions for future projects.  

We plan on doing many different things coming up in the future, not just the Very Stills, just a piece of the bigger goparel pie!

Check out our Main Collection Here: goparelsnfts

Check out our VERY STILLS Series 1 Here: Very Stills NFTs

Thanks for Reading!


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