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Discussion – 


What’s Really Going On eBay?

Is eBay Okay?

This article

is going to touch base on some current issues being reported via the world wide web we all love and adore.

Here at Goparel, we’re huge eBay supporters and fans. We sell on their platform daily and also share our eBay partner affiliate links. Actually, some of these links in this article are affiliate ones. We’re involved with eBay in many ways but unfortunately, have also had issues these past few months and that brings us to this article.


One of the first places someone usually looks when searching for answers is a website that shows a graph of eBay outages. We found a website called down detector and here is a screenshot of the last 24 hours at the time of writing this article.

As you can see there was a spike in the last 24 hours. But what are the main things that are causing issues you might ask? Is it just the website not loading or an outage?

Nah, that wouldn’t make for a good enough article to write up.

So let’s see some reported issues according to the interent.

1. High-demand items receiving no views.

We are currently experiencing this problem as we type. The problem is great items are getting barely any to no views at all. These types of items are being reported on places like up-down radar and we too currently have over 100 auctions and barely getting any views.

So I guess if you want to find a great deal head over to our auctions lol because our views are next to none. We usually have had a lot for the past few years.

This also suggests high ticket items are all over eBay right now not getting any views so if you can figure out the secret sauce to unlock these items please do comment below.

2. Buyers Receiving Internal Error On App & Website

There are reports of buyers not being able to purchase items and are getting an internal error when trying to do so. This has not happened to us and we cannot comment on this because well it just hasn’t affected us.

But our sales are the lowest they’ve been in a long time.

These reports can be found on up-down radar. We’re not affiliated with up-down radar.

3. Login Issues & Lockout.

Reports from product dash reviews state users cannot log in and or are getting locked out of their accounts. This has not happened to us so we cannot say much about this but it seems to be a high issue. Would make sense why sales seem low because buyers can’t buy.

4. Listing Loading Problems

This next one was happening to us for a month or longer. When listing items on mobile it would disconnect so to speak and reconnect and or just load and load and load and load … ok you get it.

This would cause a bad loop and items just wouldn’t list. Or they may list later and then you go and list the item you didn’t realize was listed … yep now you have a duplicate.

The great news is this has been fixed on mobile (for us anyway) but now the reports are flooding in saying similar things are happing on the web version. We don’t use the web version a whole lot so we can’t comment on that.

5. Low Sales

We and others all are seeming to have low sales. We have seen a drop, a big one. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless there was an issue out of our hands. We haven’t done a whole lot to cause a drop in sales.

The eBay forums have a lot more information on this if you’re interested and that’s where we suggest you start.


We all know how the internet likes to make up all sorts of ideas for everything. We’ve seen a lot from users saying since covid has calmed down that buyers are getting out more and not using websites like eBay. This does make sense to us and could be a partial reason for the low sales for us and all others.

But I think it’s more.

eBay had a spring update recently and ever since then I feel like maybe these problems started to occur. Maybe they have been slowly fixing the problems and are working hard on fixing the problems.


eBay is the second biggest seller online next to amazon. We truly believe that they will take care of any issues and problems. They have built a mega empire and it’s a pleasure working on their platform.

Full confidence this will get better and eBay will continue to dominate the online sales.

This is a quick blog post/article I wanted to write up, but we stand for goparel and the views are of goparels lol.

If you would like more added to this article like links and more sources and detailed information about what’s going on with eBay please comment below and let us know.

Thanks for reading and if you’re a fellow eBayer, keep your head up it’ll get better.



This is the official goparel WordPress account. Visit www.Goparel.com Thanks for reading!


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