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Dedicated WordPress Hosting  24/7 – 365 days a year

We have helped Dedicated WordPress Hosting users for 15 years. We know all the ins and outs to get your website up and running smooth. You can rest peacefully knowing your WordPress Hosting is in Goparel hands.

We have Optimized our Dedicated Servers for WordPress and WordPress only. Setting the standard high for all WordPress Hosting Providers. We do not share your account with other accounts. This helps with SEO, security, & much more.

We Fully Manage your server and take care of all the initial installs. You just sit back and do you while we manage the techy stuff.

NOTE: you get full server access.



Clients Hosted All Time


Happy Customers All Time


Websites Built All Time


Websites Managed All Time

Dedicated WordPress Hosting  24/7 – 365 days a year

We have helped Dedicated WordPress Hosting users for 15 years. We know all the ins and outs to get your website up and running smooth. You can rest peacefully knowing your WordPress Hosting is in good hands.

We have Optimized our Dedicated Servers for WordPress and WordPress only. Setting the standard high for all WordPress Hosting Providers. We do not share your account with other accounts. This helps with SEO, security, & much more.

Your account will be Dedicated!


Websites Hosted ATH


Happy Customers ATH


Websites Installed ATH


Websites Managed ATH

Responsive WordPress Hosting That Works On All Devices

All WordPress Hosting plans are accessible using your favorite devices. On the go and need to use your cell phone, no problem. Or maybe you’re feeling lazy on the couch with the tablet, that works. I’m sitting at the office computer right now typing this out. No matter your device we have you covered.

All WordPress Hosting Includes

Professional Email

10 Professional email accounts for your hosted website. @yourdomain 

Dedicated IP

We don’t share anything here. Everything is dedicated for security, SEO, & reliability.

Web Application Firewall

We stop malicious traffic before it even reaches you using Hosted WAF.

Beyond Support

We go beyond support. Your server is fully managed by us and our team. We keep it updated and secure.

Indestructible Backups

Advanced technology creating nightly website backups and stored offsite using AWS storage and ZFS file system tech.

Premium Plugins

Every install comes packed with premium WordPress plugins to supercharge your website.

Packed Dashboard 

All WordPress Hosting Accounts will have their Dashboard packed with goodies. From premium plugins to helpful professional videos explaining ins and outs of WordPress all from your dashboard.

10 Worldwide Servers +45-Point CDN

Your audience will experience maximum speed. Your images serve very nicely from our 45-point CDN!

Dedicated IP

Security and Performance

The dedicated WordPress hosting plans are not shared. This will help in many ways like performance and stability. You will have your own Dedicated IP. We also use a top-notch WAF Firewall. It’s our first layer of defense to stop cybercriminals from stealing your data. It builds a strong barrier around your website blocking attackers before they even get close. Custom rules and more offered.

We Pack All Accounts Full

Click the boxes below to see some more stuff all included with our WordPress Website Hosting.

Real Support

Developer Friendly


Expectations Plus

Real Support

You will never talk to a robot. We’re real humans that have real human help. Humans we are. All humans here. Humans…

24/7 Support

Our team works around the clock. You can reach out and we’ll get back to you soon. Even after our business hours, our team is working.

Private Ticketing

You can privately send support requests/tickets at any time. 

Informative Blog

We have a blog with many tutorials. We do our best to keep it updated with new content on WordPress and other helpful material.

WordPress Video Tutorials

We have many helpful WordPresstutorials video tutuorials that will help get your site up and running and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a FAQ section with lots of answered questions you might have. Have a look!

Developer Friendly

We offer what the others don’t. Your WordPress will like it here.

One-Click Staging Website

With just one simple click you can go from staging to live and live to staging. It’s a really easy process and great for testing things on your website before making them live.


Control your database without pain and hassle. It’s easy managing your phpmyadmin for your website.


Yes, you can create accounts with permissions as needed. This is a great tool that most do not offer.

Self-Healing Architecture

This advanced system will restart and rebuild the server resources when needed. It closely monitors and fixes. 


If you need access to wp-cli we have you covered. Custom commands included.

IOP File Limits - No Read/Write

The systems have no IOPS limits. It’s based on the underlying disk handling.

Git, Composer, & NPM

Developers will have access to git, composer, and npm. If you’re trying to build a masterpiece this is useful!

NewRelic & Blackfire Support

You can connect NewRelic or Blackfire with just on-click. It will debug performance issues.

Reset Everything

We have an option to reset your WordPress install completely on both staging and live if need be. 


Super fast and super secure. Speeds you wouldn’t believe for your wordpress. Remember nothing is shared here.

SSL Certificate

We automatically install your SSL Certificate. Some places charge hundreds of dollars for this but we include it at no extra charge. Every website should have an SSL Certificate. 

10 Data Centers

Choose the closest location to your visitors. USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, India, and Singapore.

Dedicated IP

We believe every site should have there own dedicated IP. We don’t encourage shared hosting where a company adds hundreds of websites all on the same IP. Security, SEO, and reliability are all improved by a dedicated IP.

Backups Every Night

We keep the backups flowing every night. You can automate incremental backups with nearly instant restores. 

Object Cache

With Object Cache your performance will improve and your website will handle traffic with ease.


We use the latest and fastest techology in IPv6.technology

Web Application Firewall

We stop malicious traffic before it even reaches you using Hosted WAF.

Static Server Cache (FastCGI)

Activate to handle an average of 10x more parallel website visitors.

Optimized For WordPress

We don’t share here. Optimized and Dedicated resources, all built on a LEMP stack.

Uptime Guarantee

99% uptime or your money back, period!

WooCommerce Ready

We have the best performance to handle your Woocommerce store. Hey, we use it too!

Expectations Plus

We do what is nesseccary to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

Free Migration

If you have a website and would like to move it on over to goparel, great! You can use our automated tools or we can migrate your website for your, free. Oh, you have a whole bunch of sites? Cool, we’ll do those free too!

45-Point CDN

Blazing-fast images and assets via our premium plugins.


We know security and your website hosting/site has it all. File scanning, firewall, two-factor authentication, and more.

Activity & Access Logs

You’ll have access to check and download error, slow, and access logs.


You can see your website’s live stats, visits, storage, bandwidth, and email activity all in one place.

Templates And Cloning

Create a workflow with our templates or make your own. Clone away!

Easy File Management

Tired of using 3rd party file transfer protocol software to transfer files? We have a built-in file manager to save you time and hassle.

Website Design & Reports

We’re ready to send out your next website along with detailed reports to go with it!

Website Design

Stunning Website Designs

We have created all types of websites through the years. WordPress is simply an amazing tool to do so. We would love to design your next website and if you’re ready you can click that button!

Website Reports

WordPress Website Reports

Looking for detailed reports on your website? Stay up to date with your website by receiving detailed reports about key factors with it. We can send them out as frequently as you see fit.

Professional Email 

Create a Professional email to match your website

It’s time to ditch the yahoo and gmail accounts for your business email. Stand out and look the part with a professional business name @yourdomain email. Connect to your favorite mail clients with ease.


  1. Email Account Creation & Management
  2. Unlimited Email Forwarding
  3. Expert Email Support 
  4. Integration With Your Favorite Email Clients

Beyond Support

We’re all here for the WordPress 

We all love WordPress and love helping one another find their full potential with it. You’ll get access to our premium website access plugin. It lets us connect to your website. Whether it’s a plugin causing you issues or a pesky CSS code not working properly, we’re here to help! You can grant us access to come in and work our magic.

Super Fast

Fast Speeds, Security, and Performance!

Your website hosting needs power, security, and precise configurations to run at top performance. Choosing the wrong website host will result in slow speeds, bad performance, and insecure connections.  Goparel Offers Industry-Leading WordPress Hosting! All your applications, plugins, webpages, & more will run at blazing fast speeds.

Premium Plugins

Premium Plugins For WordPress


We provide many premium plugins upon installation of your WordPress. They’re paid plugins but you’ll have full access as if you paid for them yourself while using our WordPress Hosting services. No extra charge!

These plugins consist of 

  1. Image Optimizing Plugin
  2. Performance Plugin
  3. Security Plugin
  4. Marketing Plugin
  5. Form Builder Plugin
  6. SEO Plugin
  7. Backup Plugin
  8. & More!

Indestructible Backups

Backups that Back-up their Backup


We use Redundant AWS/S3 backups stored across various devices and fortresses. We also use an advanced API tracking system that helps protect your backups while you continue your normal routine.

The backups are fully automated and space-efficient. Backups are stored off-site so even if we’re compromised your backups are safe. Create and restore backups with lighting speed. You can even label your backups for certain time frames for easy finding. 

Simple Pricing for Everyone

If you have any questions or would like details on a custom package feel free to send us a message.

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Dedicated Support

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