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Goparel Network

We have that!

The Goparel Network consists of many products and services. This website is a gateway to all of them. You can scroll or see what’s currently featured.


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WAX Wolves

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About Us

Founded in 2020 when the whole world shut down. Instead of shutting down with it, we created Goparel! We offer many products and services. We practice thinking outside the box regularly. We never limit ourselves and neither should you!

We’re Passionate About Creating stunning Projects for people

We work hard on all types of projects. From websites like this one, NFTs, and clothing, we strive to do a great job! We love to create stunning stuff that keeps on giving time and time again.  See more about us below or hit the contact button to reach out.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Goparel is simple but meaningful. We promise to always use best practices with all our services and products. We’ll always go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied and well informed on all of our products and services. We’re always a click away!

Our Vision

Our vision here at Goparel is infinite. We do things differently than most. We’re never going to limit our capabilities. So the only vision we know is scaling aka growing. We will continue to grow our business and provide great products and services. Come scale with us!

We Have That!

The next 3 sections have information about what we’re about and the things we offer.



We create free tools and websites where users can interact. An example of a free tool you can use that we provide is a URL SHRINKER that we use for the WAX community and also a blog where users can write and promote.

Have a look at some of our blog posts. We allow writers to add content and we also provide material. You can visit our blog and read about news, blockchain, tech, spotlights, and more. That website is GOPAREL.ONLINE.

That is not close to all though. We’re always trying to tinker with new ideas to build for all types of communities and more. We even have a metaverse open 24/7 and a chatroom, all free. That website is GOPAREL.SPACE.

For Hire

We offer many services for hire and on demand. We can even do things not listed on our websites. From freelance work, graphic design, WAX NFT assistance, to printing and tie-dying shirts. See more at GOPAREL.XYZ

Have a look at our web hosting via GOPAREL.HOST In order to have a website, you’ll need hosting. We also specialize in WordPress and have a whole team backing us. If WordPress is your thing visit GOPAREL.PRO.

That is not it though! We also enjoy creating and distributing Goparel Tie-Dye clothing of all colors shapes and sizes. Men, women, and children can all take advantage of the beautiful colors we offer! See GOPAREL TIE DYE.


For Sale

We have over 7000 locally housed items listed via our GOPAREL EBAY STORE. We also have a webshop with clothing and accessories found at GOPAREL.SHOP. We love retail and collecting which brings us to the next topic at hand, GOPARELS NFTs.

Have a look at all the talent on WAX Blockchain. It’s a great place and we love building things for it. For example, see WAXP.ART for your favorite merch.  We’ve tried things like utilizing NFTs as tokens down to simple hand-drawn art. Always moving forward and currently working on WAX WOLVES PFPs!

That is not all. We’re continually trying things out for the community. We will be mainly focused on the WAX Wolves going into 2024 for NFTs! Follow WAX WOLVES TWITTER and learn all details at the WAX WOLVES DEN.

We can help you accomplish more

Custom Everything

We love to play around in the design studio and come up with graphics, layouts, & more. We have helped others and can help you come up with some cool designs to go on all types of products like t-shirts, websites, and everything in between.

Website Solutions

20+ years we’ve been deep in the website field. From hosting, management, and design, we have helped a lot of users. We have minor and major solutions for whatever your needs. We’ll help you get set up and on the way to accomplishing more!

Print On Demand

We create and make various products in-house at our fortress. We print out the design and then press it to the item. We then pack and ship out the item. We also work with teams of print professionals around the globe for international support.

Tie Dye

We love creating tie-dye clothing. We dye new clothing and also vintage and other items. We can even take your clothing and dye it. We’re ready to tie-dye for your next event. Whether you have a small or big order needed, we can help!

Featured Project

At this current time, Goparel is focused hard on the WAX Wolves. Goparel is passionate about the WAX Blockchain and is trying out this new and fun PFP project.


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Goparel’s Reviews 

We can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words and positive reviews.

Mens Chung Shi Shoes

Shoes were just as shown and very promptly shipped. I recommend this seller.

 Customer – patrdin98

Basic Editions Cream Capris

Item came quickly. Just what I ordered from picture.

 Customer – patrdin98

7" Vinyl 45 Record, 1971

As described, shipped quickly. Good deal!

 Customer – gpellett

Detroit Tigers Youth T-Shirt

Thanks..! LASER SPEED Shipment..!

 Customer – fufu2040

Captain Crunch Cereal Toy

Great seller, thank you!

 Customer – ccollectibles

Tie Dye T-Shirt

Great bargain. Neatly packaged. Positive transaction. Superior service. Outstanding communication. Honest seller

 Customer – gvi9356

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