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A Different Way To Blog

This is simply a test post (but a good read also).

You can disregard or keep reading.

What should we talk about?

Well, we just minted some sweet tie dye stills via the wax blockchain. We’re going to put them all in an auction starting at just 1 wax this coming Wednesday. The wax blockchain hosts a space on Twitter every Wednesday. But yes we’ve taken one of our hand-dyed goparel tee shirts and made 10 unique different nfts from the physical shirt.

We’ve created lots of various Tie Dye T-Shirt NFTs through the years and are just getting started. We say that a lot because we’re always improving and coming up with new ideas, in general, not just NFTs.

We do a lot more than creating physical Tie Dye T-Shirts and then transform them on the blockchain. For example, we’re Top Rated eBay sellers and have print professionals from all over the globe help us produce and distribute custom t-shirts. We also can make them in-house aswell.

We’re pretty nerdy with the web stuff. We actually have taken things deep with goparel and even offer web services. From WordPress to hosting with premium plugins to shared hosting with premium plugins and cPanel.

15+ years of experience. We also have a team that helps with all the premium services that we may need extra help with.

We can help with a lot. Just reach out.

Husband and Wife powerhouse with help from the best all over the world.

Ok. This post hopefully makes it to a live version. I’ve been typing this all from a tiny device instead of my local computer.

If so cool and thanks for reading!


This is the official goparel WordPress account. Visit www.Goparel.com Thanks for reading!

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