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NeftyBlocks Betsify Me PFP Avatar Builder is Live

Betsify Me


First off I want to thank you for being here!


This is a Spotlight Yourself article on the new Betsify.Me PFP Avatar project on the one and only NeftyBlocks blockchain platform!


NOTE: Like all our articles we have hyperlinks enabled so please allow pop-ups from our website if you click any live links. A live link (hyperlink) is clickable and is highlighted in orange. We do this so you can visit all the other areas without leaving this page and losing your place.

 NeftyBlocks is the #1 trade to Earn marketplace for buying, selling, and creating digital collectibles. Explore the power of NFTs today using a wide range of community-driven tools. ~ NeftyBlocks Website

Ok, so let us see what Betsy is up to!


Betsy is now available for you to customize!

The Betsify.Me Avatar PFP Customizer is the new project, now open, on Betsify Me website.

With this new PFP builder you can mix and match all types of items. Each item or accessory can be added to the one we all know as Betsy!

You can collect these items and add/remove them until you’re satisfied with the outcome. Once you’re happy with your newly customized Betsy, you can lock it! It’s important to know that the same accessories cannot be locked on multiple Betsys.

What accessories will you add to your Betsy and or have already?

You will come to find that some accessories or very hard to come by making them more scarce and in theory even better Betsy when equipped with them.




This amazing collection has only 10,000 Starter Packs available. That leaves so much opportunity for some amazing and unique Betsys. It also creates a little FOMO.

I mean we have like, what, 8 billion people on this planet?

We haven’t even covered other planets…

  • Starter Pack — Base Betsy and 2 accessories
  • Small Accessory Pack (Series #1) — 3 random accessories
  • Large Accessory Pack (Series #1) — 7 random accessories
  • Whale Accessory Pack (Series #1) — 25 random accessories

  1. You can grab a starter pack for $4.99 which contains a Base Betsy.
  2. You can also grab a small accessory pack that is priced at $4.99 as well.
  3. The big boy large accessory pack that we all want is priced at $9.99.
  4. This next pack is the cream of the crop. The Whale Accessory Pack has the best value per accessory, with a limited supply of 1000 only! The Whale pack is packed full of accessories and available for only $29.99.


Accessories Are Lit

Each PFP/Avatar Betsy comes with 7 different item slots with your favorite crypto-themed stuff! With different accessories, you’ll have different chances of pulling certain items out of the packs.

For example the Betsify.Me PFP project has a special version and is extremely rare. Accessories will be released over time so stay tuned for that. This PFP Avatar project will have more series for accessories that are only released once so do keep that in mind!

As you can see in the above image chances to get body, hair, eyes, face, background, hat, artifact, and special. Look at that Special percentage, wow! 0.15% with 25 variants and 0.01% per variant.

Chances of body, hair, eyes, and face come in at the same with a 20% chance and 12 variants and 1.67% chance per variant.

I personally want that Special or Artifact but hey don’t we all after seeing the odds!?

Super cool!


Lock up your Betsy

In order to claim your one-of-one locked Betsy making it truly yours you’ll need to lock and mint your BETSY PFP to your wallet.

This locking process can only be locked one time. This ensures that only YOU are the owner of the uniquely created Betsy PFP/Avatar. The accessories you have installed can no longer be added to any other Betsy!

NOTE: You can not unlock a Betsy. When you lock a Betsy, you can also no longer equip or unequip accessories from your locked Betsy.


Golden Betsy?

Will you unlock the Golden Betsy and if so please share!


The options are really limitless with so many ideas but with users locking that will create some extra fun and make for some unique one-of-one digital collectible PFPs.

The website Betsify.Me is designed very well. We absolutely love the full-screen option and even has music if you so choose. Further below you can watch a video showcasing it.

We’re super excited about this NFT PFP Avatar project that is now open!



Some Useful Links From Neftyblocks

  1. Website: NeftyBlocks
  2. Betsify Me App: Betsify.Me
  3. Twitter: NeftyBlocks (@NeftyBlocks)
  4. Discord: NeftyBlocks Discord Invite
  5. Whitepaper: Whitepaper | NeftyBlocks 


Have a watch of the video we made to show off the new website!

Some Useful Links From Goparel

  1. eBay: Goparel eBay Store
  2. Our Token: Goparel NFT Token First Edition
  3. Derek’s Twitter: 𝔾𝕆ℙ𝔸ℝ𝔼𝕃 (@Goparel_)
  4. Carly’s Twitter: Gσραяєℓ тιє∂ує 🌸 (@GoparelTieDye)
  5. Telegram: Official Goparel Telegram


Here are some others excited about this new website, Betsify.Me


The one and only NiftyBC talks and shows off the betsify me medium article we got a lot of this information from for this article.

We also got information and packs to giveaway from the one and only NeftyBlocks but we’ll get into that little later on this article.


Back to NiftyBC & his weekly show on Saturdays, The Nifty Circus!


Some Useful Links From NiftyBC/Morbs

  1. Website: Morbs.APP
  2. Twitter: 🅼.🅾.🆁.🅱.🆂. (@MORBS15)
  3. Youtube: Nifty BC – YouTube
  4. Telegram: Official Morbs Telegram


We do hope you enjoyed both of those videos. We’re happy to put out this article as we love spotlighting people doing great things on the wax blockchain.


Now, what about the giveaways?

Neftyblocks was kind enough to send some packs our way and we’re also known to throw in extra stuff from time to time for interactions on our giveaways.

Ways to enter (both work):

  • Comment your Wax Wallet here on the discussion tab (easy one).
  • Find the Pinned Tweet about this article and giveaway on Derek’s Twitter, 𝔾𝕆ℙ𝔸ℝ𝔼𝕃 (@Goparel_) , and follow the instructions there.

That is it my friends!

Just pick one of the ways above or even both if you choose. Feel free to post comments and or questions and we’ll be happy to help!


We do hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found it helpful!


Also if you’re a collection, brand, marketplace, artist, & about anything else involved with the Wax blockchain please do see our Spotlight Yourself page.

Your Friends,Derek & Carly from Goparel


This is the official goparel WordPress account. Visit www.Goparel.com Thanks for reading!


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