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The Man Behind WaxWorks

Nick Tantillo's WaxWorks.io

First off let me thank you for reading.

Ok, Let’s get started.

We wanted to spotlight Nick Tantillo and his website WaxWorks.io because, well, they’re both amazing!

Nick Tantillo is a blockchain developer and loves creating and making tools for the WaxFam community.

Nick Tantillo built WaxWorks.io last spring. WaxWorks is a website that offers tools for users of the Wax Blockchain and also his projects!

You can find things like:

NOTE: A Dynamic NFT is an NFT that changes over time . A PFP creator helps you create components and then generate a set of NFTs with said components. The IWA Directory is a blockchain list of independent wax artists. 

Pretty cool right? 

Fun Fact: The same PFP creator was used for the yoshi bears and vBots.

Oh, wait you thought that was it?

You can also see his goo goons project and upcoming Bret Blackberg nft comic viewer. Bret does comics which brings me to the next thing.

A.I. Illustrated Stories 

Nick Tantillo has created 2 novels he’s currently looking to have published. If you’re a literary agent you should probably reach out before someone else does!

NOTE:  You can contact Nick by clicking here.

But hold up. I jumped in a little off balance. Let’s discuss the A.I. Illustrated Stories Nick has created.

I have personally read and own both of these nft comics and they are simply amazing! I highly recommend everyone grab a copy.

Man in the Box Truck is a musically-inspired ghost story.

A haunted man goes about his daily deliveries, tormented by a past only he remembers. The box truck is both his prison and his lifeline.

Originally written as a contest entry, this work has been augmented with artwork imagined by Midjourney, an AI art generator.

Hundreds of prompts were composed before the final images were selected and incorporated into the story.

It is currently available as a comic pdf digital download.

Drive Fast, Rock On is a love story inspired by a poem and heavy metal music.

A man is about to lose his one true love (one way or another) and resolves to choose his own destiny in the most metal way possible.

Originally written as a very short story, this work has been augmented with artwork imagined by Midjourney, an AI art generator.

Hundreds of prompts were composed before the final images were selected and incorporated into the story.

It is currently available as a comic pdf digital download.


The wwexhibition is an art gallery that comes with many perks like background viewers that are actually NFTs and more.

You can see Humble Drawings and a Dagga background viewer by clicking their names.

We also have one coming up also soon so stay tuned for that!

Again I’m jumping in off balance so let me wind it back some. Everyone is welcome to share their artwork with the wwexhibition.

You can then create your own account and highlight your favorites and much more. 

  1. Send NFTs you want to showcase to wax wallet: wwexhibition 
  2. Create your account and configure your name.
  3. Add favorites and play around!

NOTE: Please only send your own collections NFTs.

Currently, 25+ participants showing off their artwork in the wwexhibition nft art gallery on the Wax Blockchain.

We encourage you to join the Art Gallery.

Show off your work!


Nick Tantillo’s Website – NickTantillo.Com

Nick also has his personal website with even more goodies!

You can check his blog and find out some of the latest things happening in his current life/work/& or whatever he likes to share!

Quick Links

Here is a quick snippet from Nicks Bio on his website.

I’m Nick Tantillo, although several people share that name. I did get the domain, so take those doppelgangers!


I live on a lake in suburban New Jersey with my wife.


I’m a Computer Science Engineer by trade who loves getting down and dirty with legacy code and database-driven applications.


I’m currently exploring a new chapter as an author, but I’ll always be a programmer at heart.



Read the full Bio of Nick Tantillo by clicking here.

Contact Nick Tantillo by clicking here.

I hope this article has been informative and helpful. 

Always remember to support your devs.

If you don’t who will?


Thank you for reading.

Your friends,

Derek & Carly from Goparel



This is the official goparel WordPress account. Visit www.Goparel.com Thanks for reading!


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