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Goparel [May 2022]

Hello, and let me start by saying thank you for visiting Goparel.

This article or blog post is going to be loaded with everything going on past and present with Goparel.

Let’s go.

Goparel was founded 2 years ago this month (May 2020) by @goparel_ & @gopareltiedye. We were founded in 2020 when the whole world shut down. Instead of shutting down with it, we created Goparel! We offer many products and services. We practice thinking outside the box regularly. We never limit ourselves and neither should you!

That paragraph was right from our home page. Since then a lot has changed. For example, this website just received a new makeover. The old goparel only offered minimal products and had a lack thereof everything. It just wasn’t cutting it so we decided to redo the whole thing.

It took 2 years though before this transformation because well, we were busy.

So what were we doing you might ask.

Just how busy were you that it took 2 years to redo your whole website and add all these services? Aren’t you a web designer?

Well, let’s talk about it.

NOTE: you can join the discussion at the bottom of this article and we surely encourage it. We like to engage in good discussion.

Covid was spreading in the news in early 2020 and it was very alarming. The world was shutting down but we wanted to open a business, yeah lol. I don’t know guys, we’re weird and have some issues that cause us to think differently, but we embrace it.

The eBay Adventure

Starting eBay was a fun learning experience. We (@goparel_ & @gopareltiedye.) both had messed around with eBay 5 years prior and it was very short-lived. We had other jobs and then moved to a new location and the priorities weren’t there. Time had passed and we weren’t listing on eBay, it was no longer, just an account. We also hadn’t even thought of the name Goparel, yet. So when the time came it was a little quicker getting started than some. The dormant account was ready and aged so it helped with bypassing the boring basics. But still, there was so much to learn. The first few months were rough but manageable. We started learning the ins and outs. The ups downs and oh there are both let us tell you!

Fast forward some and we’re cruising selling on eBay. Wait, I forgot one of the most important parts, tie-dye! Something that drove us back to eBay was we needed a platform to start selling our custom tie-dye clothing. Yes, a website is great but let’s face it, starting from a place like eBay will get you way more views than your website in the beginning.

Don’t get me wrong, with proper SEO you can achieve greatness with your website. We’ll cover that in a bit lol.

Tie-Dye sales start moving and we’re on to something! We also have a close friend that owns a tattoo shop and they started placing our shirts in their store. So now that sales are coming in we thought about when we were selling odds and ends on eBay years prior and thought, hey, let’s sell more stuff! So guess what, that’s what we did. And let me tell you we did a lot of it.

CUE the song eye of the tiger up because this is where the volume starts coming into play. Selling volume. We started listing everything we could get our hands on from worthless beanie babies to amazing vintage saxophones and vintage typewriters. We have sold all sorts of things like comic books, t-shirts, pants, pots and pans, CDs, cassettes, VHS tapes, movies, health, and beauty products, sports clothing, sports memorabilia, plush animals, vintage and antique tools, games, & okay okay I’m rambling on and on but there is a point I’m trying to make and that is, we, sell everything now. We love sourcing and traveling around finding great items to resell for a small and sometimes large profit.

Was that it though?

Were all those 2 years consisting of sourcing and selling volume on eBay?

Nope. Not at all. I have been in the website hosting, WordPress hosting, & WordPress optimization field for 15 years now. From working for others and running small business hosting/website needs businesses and more. Some website work, some freelance, and other but they all were a great learning experience and I’ve brought it all here to Goparel. So now we have been perfecting new tools, tricks, servers, and so much more that cannot be listed without taking up all your time. I got a feeling this article is already taking up all your time so hey, thanks for that. Hopefully, this is somewhat keeping your attention and interesting. lol. Anyways, after perfecting our new services and vigorous testing and implementation we’ve felt comfortable for the next phase and offer them through Goparel. These services range from basically everything dealing with a website. We recommend WordPress for your website but you can choose all sorts of ways if you’re interested.

We still wanted more though.

Did I say when we started to Tie Dye clothes we also wanted to print on them? Well, we did and we went out and bought a whole set up to do so.

At that point, we started printing our clothes. This was fun. We we’re just going at it printing all sorts of designs from silly stuff to amazing vibrant and colorful designs. We started selling them also but we wanted to have a better reach to the world. We wanted worldwide shipping and we wanted to be able to offer it on our website without the fear of spending 100 dollars to ship a tee shirt. So we set out to find a way to do so. After more testing, a different type of testing, using print professionals from all over the globe, we figured it out. We have partnered with these print wizards so we can offer our designs no matter your location. They use state-of-the-art equipment and the best brands in clothing. You’ll always get the best service and quality from us and them, the same great products! We’re proud of what we’ve become and will work hard to keep our good name great! Speaking of service and quality, have you checked out our feedback from our eBay store? It’s pretty good. Yep, we’re bragging (knock on wood it doesn’t fail now) with thousands of positive feedback received. We have a page right here on our website you can see the most recent feedback or you can head over to our eBay profile page for more information.

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So let’s recap some.

I know this article or blog post is probably sloppy because well, I’m not a great writer. So please bear with me here. We like bulls more tho, js.

Where were we? We were on time spent. We spent the two years crafting our skills with eBay, website server tech stuff, & print-on-demand systems. Well, it all came into place, and then it was time to rebuild the website to reflect it all. So that’s what happened and here we are. I guess I (@goparel_) and my lovely wife of 10 years (@gopareltiedye) are now also bloggers. But wait is there anything more? Okay yes. Something big. Something great. Something new.

Sorry, it’s getting late and I need to wrap this up lol.

NFTs! We started creating and distributing NFTs. Non-fungible tokens. They come from cryptocurrency, one of our favorite things. Its art on the blockchain and its evolving every day. We highly recommend you check it all out. We use wax blockchain to mint our NFTs and only mint our NFTs on wax blockchain.

Now that the website is open we’re going to come up with some type of roadmap to keep us on track. We do a whole lot and the secret is out from reading this, it’s only a couple of us here but we have partners that help us when needed in ALL departments. So it’s really like 100s of us.

We want to add many tutorials and downloads like icon packs and more all free for anyone that simply joins our free community. We have a free project we’re working on where we give away clothes, NFTs, and more. We have hidden free NFTs all over our website. Start clicking around and you just might find one, good luck!

We have a lot of pages and content on our website and we hope you check it all out. Please leave a comment below.

Anything, just say hello if nothing else.

Ok, thank you for being here!

Bye 😉