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Discussion – 


Leaves are falling by Parrotfish Journey

Spotlight on Parrotfish Journey

Thank you for being here!

This article is a spotlight on the one and only Parrotfish Journey!

Parrotfish has been with the wax community for some time now dating back to early 2021. I personally remember loving the project and buying up leaves and other artwork from the collection.

When I had a discussion with Parrotfish Journey about spotlighting the collection, well, wow… 

The work is done. Let the creator speak for themself! Below you can see the full story. We’ve replaced some words and cleaned it up some but it’s basically 99% from the creator of the collection.

Throughout this whole article, you will see hyperlinks that can be clicked on. Feel free to click the word and it will open a new tab in your web browser so make sure to allow pop-ups from our website.

Without any further ado, here’s the gold, no, bitcoin, wait no, Wax at the end of the rainbow!

The Story of the Leaves on Wax Blockchain!


How can I even summarize what LEAVES are is actually quite difficult, but here it goes.

I have been dealing with scoliosis for the last few years and through meditation, I have found answers in trees. I would often sit under a tree outside to allow my body to connect with the earth,.

I read a study about the healing properties of the body and earth connection. The study mentioned reduced inflammation benefits and those were enough for me to try.

One day after a still moment that lasted maybe 20 minutes I felt trees’ presence in my meditation. After my forest visit, I felt a strong need to take LEAVES home.

Days later an idea came to me to paint, and somehow leaves seemed like a perfect canvas, but how I cover its beauty, each leaf had such a unique character. So over the days, I started to obsess with each LEAF more and more. Painting over parts of it and adding a forest creature PETE.

Especially after Digitalization when each LEAF detail became even more visible. And the LEAVES series was born.

So I decided to share it with the wax community aka #waxfam.

Actually, I never thought that collectors might want them. It is me simply sharing something beautiful I have seen. And if no one would have bought them, they would still be present on the Wax Blockchain for all eyes to enjoy.

A little bit of nature indoors after the digitalization of each LEAF I made a decision to destroy each original. The same as all life, it had come to an end and had to be returned to dust. But the NFT version of it remains. There is only 1 of each LEAF.

By destroying leaves I made a last final artwork that is airdropped to all leaves holders so everyone can have a little peace of all leaves there have been and will be.

A little joy to brighten the day up!

44% of all leaves sales profits go back to leaves holders.

Every 2 weeks, 4 random leaves are picked and wallets holding them receive sale split revenue share!

That way everyone can go back on the market and shop more NFTs from other artists!

It’s just fun to receive a surprise in your waxp wallet!

As for Pete, well he is living through LEAVES and he might have a friend joining in soon so stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!


Don’t sleep on Parrotfish Journey because there will be only 1000 released and until all are released all holders will keep receiving airdrops

See all the leaves here!

Final Statements.

We do hope you have enjoyed this article and learned some things about Parrotfish Journey!

We encourage you to check out the collection and also see around for more spotlight artists on our website coming soon.

See our last spotlight here: The Man Behind WaxWorks

Discussion is open on this article and all others we have. 

Take care and come stop by again!


This is the official goparel WordPress account. Visit www.Goparel.com Thanks for reading!


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